Shurooq Media is a professional web development agency in Dubai focused on results driven web and digital marketing solutions that grow businesses to their highest potential! The initial stage of taking the opportunity of expanding your business online will always include a professionally designed and well developed website.


Dubai Web Development trends have seen enormous growth over the past few years and at Shurooq Media we love to guide businesses to the top solutions that will get results! Strike out any chance of digital failure for your business by implementing these trends that we have listed below.

Go Server less! 

The stronghold of today’s Dubai web development landscape heavily relies on the centralization of resources for quicker speeds without the resource heavy costs associated with it! Enter Server less architecture and say bye bye to high maintenance applications that lag on performance and require constant upkeep. Migrating your web application to the cloud is no longer an option but a requirement! 


Voice Search Optimization

Siri wins Dubai Web Development hearts once again! Consumers love ease and the easier you make your business to be accessed, the faster you will see conversions happening for your business. This trend begins with popular demands for home assistants like Siri and ends with your business implementing voice search optimization to your customer service strategy as by the end of 2022 more than 50% of all IOT devices will allow for the use of voice commands for search querying as opposed to text – heavy solutions


Beep Boop Chabot’s

While Chat Bots have been lurking around the Dubai web development landscape for quite some time now the fast paced surge in machine learning developments now brings us the opportunity to put these solutions to good use! The market massively favors automation and with human-like leverage and machine-like support available 24/7. Businesses and brands alike will surely benefit from using chat bots on their websites.



Businesses now have the chance to grow at a faster rate than ever before and partnering with Shurooq Media will allow for not just the optimization but the skyrocketing of your web presence as we constantly challenge our team of experts to blend into the Dubai Web Development landscape with nothing short of the best techniques out there on today’s ever evolving markets.