The beginning of 2021 kicked off with web designing in Dubai experiencing an all time surge as the global pandemic had allowed for a lot of businesses to expand into the digital arena. With a new found platform there are bound to be new challenges that small to medium sized businesses now face ahead of them. Shurooq media understands the grasp you can have on consumers by taking your business digital! 

With our years of experience within the UAE market we have included below a mix of tips that include the best of web designing in Dubai!

Saturated Colors and Gradients

Used almost as a tactic to keep the focus on users visiting websites for the first time, the concept of using bold colors and enhanced effects on corporate websites has seen a sharp increase with a well favored response from business owners. High contrast colors on the same web page are guaranteed to grab the eye! 

Focus on High quality Images 

A hallmark of sophistication was seen exhibited with web designing in Dubai trends as companies have now begun implementing a sharp attention to the way static images are being displayed on their websites. An immediate preference is always given to SVG images that ensure that your web presence will set you apart! 

Mobile First Design 

A paradigm shifting rise was remarkable for the year 2021 as we saw various small to medium sized companies transition from grocery stores taking on the goal of Ecommerce sites and service based businesses veering towards adopting startup culture, the fact of the web designing in Dubai matter will stand strong! Evidence based facts show that 90% of consumers enter in their first search query into their mobiles as opposed to the use of a desktop or laptop. It is now more crucial than ever to factor in responsive design! 

Progressive Web Applications

Another must have business decisions within board meetings for web designing in Dubai cannot go without mentioning the implementation of Progressive Web Applications. Although Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) have been around for a while, their ease of accessibility  allows web pages to load even when there is no internet connection. This feature improves the overall brand image and can lead to increased sales. 

As a Top web design agency in Dubai, UAE the team at Shurooq Media is constantly abreast of new trends that can take your business to the next level in the digital world! 

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