Reflecting on and analyzing digital marketing campaigns requires marketing teams far and wide to not only take in metrics but translate them into new ideas to improve upon. Google Analytics is an essential tool at Shurooq Media as we make sure to track our results and monitor the data that truly matters. The professionals at Shurooq Media have used google analytics one successful campaign after the other and below we share the exact ways in which the use of google analytics can benefit your digital marketing toolkit. 

Tracking and analyzing data on your own can get mundane in a matter of seconds with the speed at which data sets can grow even for small businesses in today’s digitized world.

Keep pace with today’s metrics as google analytics dashboards obtain the insights needed to transform web data into actionable insights.

Dashboards that allow you to see the full picture include 


Find out who your customers are and target them on your next campaign with this dashboard.  With access to key information such as demographics, location, retention, and device technology you can get closest to the user segments that allow for the highest number of conversions. 


This is a super useful reporting tool as it shows you through google analytics from which source specifically your audience has arrived to your website. Allowing you to really dig into what channels deliver the most traffic to your website.This will allow you to monitor how promptly your SEO keywords are working as well to compare whether your facebook or instagram audience can be better utilized for increased conversions. 


How long does a user browse through your website? And what are they more likely to click on? Which calls to action are working best and what is the average time that the potential customer takes to turn into a conversion? Ans well all these questions and more with behavior analytics to understand the overall user experience and how well you are able to retain your customers.


The conversions reporting tool shows you How well does your website allow users your customers to take the actions that you want them to take allowing you to get into the nitty gritty details with a perfected marketing funnel that is completely customized to accelerate your conversions.